Qt native UI look and feel for Windows

  • I've been helping create an application using Qt Creator. The app runs only on Windows currently but we would like it to be cross-platform at some point in the future.

    Some time ago I investigated what I thought would be a relatively simple task; moving some buttons from a toolbar in a Qt app (created in Qt Creator) to the title bar with the goal of making the UI look like native Windows apps (e.g. the Microsoft Office suite, Visual Studio etc.). My assumption that this would of course be possible in Qt - it had held up to our UI requirements until now.

    I guess you see where this is going. In trying to do this, I feel that I've firmly stepped outside of the bounds of what Qt can easily handle. I did, however, find this blog post: http://blog.qt.io/blog/2017/02/06/native-look-feel/

    I wonder if anyone has any more insight into just how powerful and encompassing these "native look and feel" changes will be? Win32/WPF isn't mentioned in the prototype list on the blog; does this mean it's not being considered?

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