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Qt eclipse integration is not working with eclipse indigo on windows 7.

  • I installed qt-eclipse integration as per the directions in the documentation, but when I open eclipse, I can't make a new qt project because the qt folder doesn't exist. What should I do?

  • Hi,

    Experiencing the same here, only difference it is on Windows XP.
    Exclipse CDT Indigo is working fine on MingW.
    QT command line is working well too, it is compiling everything I throw at it.
    Eclipse however is not even able to include QApplication.

    Any suggestions on getting Qt and Eclipse Indigo work together?



  • Same here...

    I've installed ea-integration-dist-1.2.0 on Windows 7 64-Bit with eclipse Indigo with MinGW. MinGW is working fine. But the Qt Integration feature is not active.

    Eclipse (Build id: 20110916-0149) lists the feature (com.trolltech.qtcpp.feature 1.6.1) in the About dialog but in Preferences->Startup and Shutdown it is not listed, and there are no ralted options of functions to be found from the workbench. I noted that the Integration feature details say that it is "Unsigned". Could that prevent eclipse from activating it? How would I have eclipse start it?

    All suggestions are welcome!

  • hope this issue will be solved (got the same problem) :(

  • Hi All,

    The Qt Eclipse integration appears to work OK on 32bit versions of Eclipse Indigo (v3.71). I could not get it to work on the 64bit version of Eclipse Indigo v3.71. It seems like the 32 bit version runs nearly as fast as the 64 bit version, so I suggest you avoid a lot of hassle and install the 32 bit version if you need the Qt Eclipse integration.


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