How can I add button inside treewidget/view?

  • Hi everyone,
    I wanna do a thing like the below image. A button (tool button) and text have to be in one cell. How can I do this? Which widget should I use Treewidget or treeview?

    alt text

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  • @VRonin I guess it can be seen now?

  • Treewidget is just a treeview with an embedded model.

    What you need is a delegate, see

  • @VRonin It is a very complicated example, I really don't understand anything.

  • Ok, let's start from the overview of the framework:

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    Sadly the model & view concept in Qt is not super easy to get started with.

    The delegate is then a helper class to change how the View display data.
    I like the info here

    Delegates are the way to do it as they offer far better performance.

    However, there is also poor mans way using a
    Treewidget and

    which allows to insert normal widget into a cell
    This get heavy fast if not on Desktop pc.

    So its better to spend some days reading about views and delegates than a fast hax.

  • @mrjj thank you. I did it easily after read your shared links. They're really good documents to get started with.

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