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Windows 10 Universal Style for Qt?

  • Does anyone have any experience improving the look and feel of Qt applications on Windows 10? The latest QStyle at the moment is QWindowsVistaStyle, and there doesn't seem to be an effort to update this.

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    What is wrong with it ?
    If I make a GUI Desktop application and run it. it looks pretty ok to me ?
    Like any other application on win 10.

    Its pretty simple to make a new style/ change existing

    But it would be interesting to know what is wrong first :)

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    The name is unfortunate because instead of QWindowsVistaStyle it should be called something like QWindowsAeroStyle or QWindowsDWMStyle. The desktop manager (DWM) and the only available style (Aero) is the same in Vista and Windows 10 so QWindowsVistaStyle should work the same in both. There are some visual changes but basically Windows 10 just uses a different "skin".
    Some additional DWM features are exposed in the QtWinExtras module if you need them. What are you missing exactly?

  • Well, I don't think there is much wrong with it, and personally I have no problems with it. The problem arises when we get feedback from customers that the application looks outdated when using the default style. We could start styling things ourselves, but it would be nice if there would be a common style for Windows applications.

    Microsoft has a style guide for their Universal Windows Platform (which is implemented for QML). That isn't necessarily always a fit for a desktop application, but it seems that for instance Microsoft Edge is based on that.

    It looks like MS tries to keep some common themes between their apps as well, and stuff like sliders and dropdown menus definitely looks different between MS and Qt apps. These things are what I assume users base their opinion of what looks up to date on.

    So I have two different questions. Are there any projects attempting to create the Universal style for widgets? Is there anyway to get controls like dropdowns and sliders to look more like the MS apps?

    I understand that it is possible to implement it in several ways, just trying to find out if someone invested any time in this already.

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