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Writing an application around the QtCreator timeline

  • Hello. I like the feel of the Timeline library from QtCreator's QML profiler, especially how it's fast and responsive even with lots of data loaded, and the zoom functionality (it seems to me that it's hardware accelerated, since it's written with Qt Quick).

    I would like to write a desktop application centered around the timeline library for viewing some time-related data, and with some additional functionality, like inserting keyframes. I have already yanked out the timeline library files from QtCreator's source and managed to load it inside a QQuickWidget in an otherwise empty application.

    My question is, since I have not programmed with Qt before and I have been a little overwhelmed with everything available, do you have a recommendation which technology should I use to write the rest of the application? The traditional widgets, Qt Quick, and should I use Quick Controls 1 or 2? The Timeline library is written using Quick Controls 1, so it seems to me that this should be the most natural choice in case I want to extend the timeline library. I will need to interface with some other C++ code, so the logic of the application will be written in C++ (I don't want to use Javascript).