Referencing/Quoting the Qt C++ Framework in a Scientific Paper

  • Greetings.

    I am writing a scientific paper about an application I built, in which I used the Qt C++ Framework.
    I would like to know how I should reference and/or quote the use of Qt C ++ Framework in my paper
    (both in the text and in the bibliography).

    In advance, thanks for any help and/or suggestion.

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    There's this: but I think this goes a bit beyond.
    Probably one for the company itself to answer so summoning @tekojo

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    Hi @isaacEnrique

    This is a new question :)
    If you are just mentioning that you used Qt, I would suggest having a reference to the Qt main page in the style that you are using for weblinks. (ieee, oxford, whatever you use)

    If you are pointing to more details, then probably the documentation is where you want to reference

    Hope you get the paper through review!

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