How to use layout for custom QML item?

  • Hi, I describe my problem here:
    Can anyone give me some suggestions?

  • Hi @ManhNT

    According to the Qt doc

    The Flow item automatically positions the child *Text* items side by side

    I think that, this why it worked for you with Text element

    The doc also says:

    If an item within a Flow is not visible, or if it has a width or height of 0, the item will not be laid out and it will not be visible within the Flow. Also, since a Flow automatically positions its children, a child item within a Flow should not set its x or y positions or anchor itself with any of the anchor properties.

    I think that you need to specify width and height for your custom items,

    Here is my tested sample (work after test)


    Item {
        id: testItem
        property string text: value
        height: 100
        width: 100
        Text {
            text: testItem.text
            width: parent.width
            height: parent.height


    Flow {
            spacing: 10
                text: "one"
                text: "two"
                text: "three"

    Hope this can help you,,

    Best regards !

  • Hi @mostefa, setting width and height for the item solved the problem.
    Thank you very much.

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