QXmlStreamReader | Documentation not very clear...

  • Seems like it should be straight-forward... But I'm not getting it to work. I'm just trying to retrieve some elements from the xml reader and assign the values to UI labels. According to what I read, this should work:


    However, the best that I've been able to get is:

    QXmlStreamReader::documentVersion does not have a class type.

    According to the documentation, this class' methods mostly return QStringRef values, and according to the documentation for them, the .toString() function should return a QString type.

    What am I missing ?? Seems to me if this was invalid Qt shouldn't be offering a list of options after the documentVersion.

    Thanks in advance !

  • Hi! You forgot the parenthesis: xmlReader.documentVersion().toString().

  • Thank You Wieland !!!
    Ha Ha Ha...
    Those little things will get ya every time !!

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