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Regarding Datatypes

  • Hi All

    I have created a dll in -QT- Qt whose functions return values like QString,QStringList.
    Now I am using this -QT- Qt dll in Win32 Console Application and calling these dll functions here.
    So what datatype should i use in win32 to collect QString & QStringList values in win32.

    Edit: the name of the library we all love here is Qt, not QT. That one refers to QuickTime; Andre

  • You should use QString and QStringList data types. So you need link QtCore to your Console App.

  • If you don't want to use Qt and Qt datatypes in your win32 console application, then your library methods should not return Qt data types. So, either:

    Link the win32 console app to Qt Core, and be able to use the Qt data types, or

    Do not use Qt data types in your library API but limit yourself to standard data types.

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