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Asynchronous Loader: Object destroyed during incubation

  • Hey,
    Using an asynchronous loader, I alwas get this bug (Object destroyed during incubation). Here I read that this bug was to be fixed in Qt 5.9 alpha, and now I downloaded the beta version. But I still get the bug, when I try to load ComboBox { background : Rectangle{} }. (This is what also caused the bug in the bugtesting on the forum I pointed to before.)

    But what do I need to do to fix the bug? I already included QtQuick Controls 2.2 and QtQuick 2.9. Are there more specific includes I need to fix? What do I need to do to make the bugfix work?


  • Hi! Status of the bug has been changed back to "in progress" and the comments indicate that there are also other related issues. Good news is: as this bug is critical (P1) and people are actually working on it, it shouldn't take too long to get fixed.

  • Sounds good! How big are the chances that the bugfix will be included in the Qt 5.9 final release?

    I was also wandering if the performance of an item when it has finished loading asynchronously is smaller than the performance of an item loaded the usual way? I was thinking about it because this item will be loaded in a lower-priority background-thread.

  • @randsfjorden I can't speculate about the chances. Better ask the devs on the mailing list.

  • Thank you very much, Wieland!

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