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How to give JSON Object to QTScript

  • Hi all,

    I'm trying to set a variable in QTScript from a JSON Object. I explain my problem :

    I make CURL request to an external API RESTFULL. The API REST returns JSON Object or JSON Array. The CURL request works well. I get the right JSON result
    When the request is done, I need to give this result (Object or array) to a script in QTScript.
    My actual code is the following one :

    MyCurlConnexion curl ;
        // make cURL request
        QJsonObject jobj = curl.requestGet("https://localhost:8082/api/....................."); // request have been hidden for the forum
        // set
        QScriptValue array = engine->newArray(jobj.count());
        QStringList keylist = jobj.keys();
        for (int i=0; i<jobj.count(); i++) {

    This code is not fully tested, just to show the principal of the actual system.

    But if the JSON result is not a unique object, but an JSON array of JSON object, my code is not working.

    My Question : How can I send a "generic" JSON result to my QTScript ?
    is there a solution like this :


    or another way to solve my problem.

    Thanks for your help. BRs

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