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Use currenttext comboBox for query

  • Hello,

    In my databse I have a table called:

    create table Cursos(
    ID_curso int not null auto_increment,
    Nome_curso varchar (50),
    primary key (ID_curso)
    )default charset = utf8;

    And one table called Cadastrados:

    create table Cadastrados(
    Nome varchar(50),
    Matricula varchar(9) unique,
    Curso_id int not null,
    primary key (Matricula),
    foreign key (Curso_id) references Cursos (ID_Curso)
    )default charset = utf8;

    Using QT, I was able to list all Cursos.Nome_curso with comboBox:

    QSqlQueryModel *model = new QSqlQueryModel;
    model->setQuery("select nome_curso from Cursos");

    But now I want to select one Nome_Curso of the combobox, and list all the Cadastrados of that respective curso (TableView, maybe?).

    But I have no idea where to start. Any help?

    Best regards,

  • @DalPai

    A TableView with a QSqlQueryModel could be an attempt for displaying the values from Cadastrados table.

    Just use the currentIndexChanged or currentTextChanged or activated signal to get notified when one entry of your QComboBox is selected and update the model of your QTableView

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