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Use of TextBalloon example (how?)

  • Hi,

    How to use the example TextBalloon in my own app?

    What i did so far:

    • copied the painteditem project folder (Qt\Examples\Qt-5.8\quick\customitems\painteditem) to my projects folder (D:\projects\painteditem)
    • changed DESTDIR in .qro to ../Plugins/TextBalloon
      results in D:\projects\Plugins\TextBalloon
    • created a new Qt Quick project (D:\projects\myapp)
    • copied the QML (textballoons.qml) that uses the TextBalloon class to my application QML
    • added engine.addImportPath(app.applicationDirPath() + "/../../Plugins"); to my main (before any view is loaded)
      results in D:\projects\Plugins as app is inside D:\projects\buildconfig\debug\

    I keep getting qrc:/main.qml:4 "TextBalloon": no such directory
    What am I doing wrong?