QFileDialog and file from a network

  • I'm using the QFileDialog and I can't see the files or folders of the network. I have installed a Windows XP, and I only can see the folders and files of this machine, I can't access to select a network file.
    Someone know how configure the QFileDialog to see this files??
    Mi Code is:
    QFileDialog dialog(this);
    dialog.setNameFilter(tr("Images (*.png *.xpm *.jpg *.cdr *.psd .bmp *.gif)"));
    QStringList fileNames;
    if (dialog.exec())
    fileNames = dialog.selectedFiles();

    Regards Ernesto

  • Well, what do you mean with files and folder of the network?
    And are they visible under "explorer"?

  • If you use the static functions of QFileDialog, you get the native windows dialog. I think that that one does display your network neighbourhood or whatever it is called these days... You are not setting any properties that can not be set using the static function, so I would recommend you try those.

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