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How to get the gateway?

  • Hi, i'm using Qt5.5 on my computer.
    I'm trying to get the gateway and ping it on my test program.
    But i can't find any class that could do what i want.
    Does anyone get any advice?

    Please help!

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    @victor-wang There isn't an easy way to get it with Qt. You'll have to do it on each platform you need to support with native c++ code.

    You can be lazy and shell out to exes on each platform to get the information but it's best if you actually do it with code rather than using a console app. ifconfig or ip on posix OSes, and ipconfig /all on windows. You would still need to parse the results and such so it's probably better to just write the code to do it. :)

    A quick google search will net you plenty of examples on each platform I'm sure. On Windows it's like GetAdapterInfo() or something like that. Linux and OSX are super easy too.

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