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Nested ListView setting / accessing properties

  • Hi!
    I'm trying to develop the following pattern in QML but without success. MyDelegate being a simple .qml file containing some rectangles and some text to display. The original goal was to display two nested lists : a vertical one containing the horizontal ones. Both of these lists have strings to display. I tried to make a very simple snippet of code of what i'm trying to achieve :

    property ListModel model1
        model : model1
        delegate : listDelegate
        id : listDelegate
            property list<Item> componentList:[

    I'm trying to fill this listView this way in another .qml file

    model1.append({ "name" : "itsName" ,
                          "componentList" :
                                { "testText" : "test1"} ,
                                { "testText" : "test2" }

    Thing is i can display "name" correctly, but i can"t acces testText in the second Delegate! Is there a way to achieve this ? What am I doing wrong ? I tried to use the get() and setProperty() functions of ListModel using two models instead of one, but didn't manage to do it aswell.. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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