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QML / C++ remote target debug

  • Good morning,

    Here is my first question for you guys.

    I'm currently working with a remote target board AM3517EVM from TI. I updated X-loader, U-boot and Linux kernel 2.6.37.
    I was able to compile Qt 4.7.3. Using Qt-Creator, I also compiled and tested few examples in C++ and I was able to debug those examples following the tutorial on this website.

    I'm really interesting by QML, so I compiled and tested few examples as well. My goal right now, it's to be able to debug my applications.

    First of all I'm a bit confused because this webpage ( tell me that

    "Qt Creator provides built-in support for QML debugging. QML projects and standalone C++ applications that utilize QML can be debugged on desktops as well as on remote devices".

    but this webpage ( tell me

    "Note: Debugging QML and JavaScript is supported only in plain mode.
    Plain to debug locally started applications, such as a Qt based GUI application"

    However, I think I followed this link successfully (

    In Qt-Creator 2.2 based on Qt 4.7.4 / Project Panel / Build settings, I checked the box "Link QML debugging library" and compiled the library. I also compiled QML Observer Library.

    In the Project Panel / Run settings, I checked the box "Debugger C++ and QML (port 3768)". I inserted in my environment variable : QML_IMPORT_TRACE = 1.

    So now, what should I run om my target board to start the application in debug mode ? And what should I start on my Host computer? Is it GDB (like when I debug C++ only) or is it something else because GDB doesn't seems to work.

    I hope I was as clear as possible in my explanations. I'm working on this process for days now and I don't have anymore ideas and I can't find any answer from the internet.

    So thanks in advance for you guys replies.

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