Qt Xlsx - save on document destroys Chart data

  • When I simply open xlsx document containing some charts and save it using QXlsx::Document::save() function or QXlsx::Document::saveAs(QString)
    it destroys charts in it in a way that chart remains but chart annotation disapears.

  • @prometheus245

    Hi and welcome to devnet forum

    QXlsx library is a library based on Qt but not part of Qt libs. Therefore a better choice would be to contact the author respectively a mailing list for this library. The chances to obtain in this forum descent feedback and support for QXlsx library are very little.

  • Qt Champions 2018

    Sorry for zombieing this one.
    What that library does is loading all the data from the existing file and re-build it from scratch when you click save this means that any feature that existed in the original file but it's unsupported by the library will be removed on save just because the library doesn't even know they exist

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