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Querying iTunes COM object leads to QMutex::lock: Deadlock

  • Hi,

    I am developing an application that listens to iTunes playback information.

    Everything worked well until the application starts querying for the current track position. This position is communicated via signals.

    The position is queried by using a timer. The time executes the following code (iTunes is a QAxObject instance that has been successfully initialized):

    QVariant variantPosition = iTunes->property("PlayerPosition");
    if (variantPosition.isValid())
    if (variantPosition.toInt() != currentTrackPosition)
    currentTrackPosition = variantPosition.toInt();

    From a thread perspective, the timer is invoked on the same thread as events such as onPlayerPlayEvent, onSoundVolumeChangedEvent, etc...

    Did anyone face the same issue with iTunes COM ou an another COM API?


  • can u help me in this.
    i am able to read media info from disk and can get meta data of such media files with taglib .but now want to read itunes .Is there any 3rd party lib or any other thing that help to read such info from itunes or its itunes.xml.i want to get its track,audio book,podcast,play list and meta data of all this media.
    i thing u can help me in this problem.

  • The post is more than a year old and it seems that the creator is not an active participant, Kindly refer to the General Forum for further discussion.

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