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How To Make Comments in Qt's Intellisense?

  • A feature of netbeans and visual studio is the ability to make your own comments for your subroutines/classes. An example syntax for this is shown below

    netbeans (Java)


    • This function does something
    • @param a the value of the input.

    public void setInput(int a) { };
    Visual Studio (C#)
    This function does something
    /param a the value of the input
    public void setInput(int a) { };@

    So if either of these two IDEs were used approximately like I showed above (syntax?) the developer would see the comment "the value of the input" when a is bold in the intellisense (current parameter being typed). The other form of this occurs when the mouse is hovered over a subroutine's name. In that case "This function does something" is displayed underneath the function's signature in the tooltip.

    Does QtCreator support anything like this? I noticed the Doyxgen tags are recognized but they don't seem to do anything. If QtCreator doesn't I think this should be added to a wish list.

    Thank you for your time.


  • Creator doesn't automagically generate the documentation for you. The qdoc tags are recognized as you saw (doxygen is a qdoc clone) and you can use qdoc to generate help for creator. Check the "bug tracker": for similar issues. If none exist, throw in a feature request :).

  • I'm not exactly looking to generate documentation in the manner QDoc does. I just like the ability to write small comments (like in javadocs) and have them show up in the "intellisense". Now even though i mentioned javadocs, i'm not using the HTML portion of those (when i did java). I just used the intellisense portion.

    Thanks anyway. Here's hoping some day it will make it into QTCreator.

  • Whishes uttered on this forum will probably get lost. If you want to submit a feature request, use "Jira": instead.

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