[solved] Remove unnecessary dependencies from application

  • I compiled QtDeclarative without dependencies to QtSvg and QtXmlPatterns. (as described here How to compile QtDeclarative without QtXmlPatterns, QtSvg and QtSql) Then I recompiled my application but upon checking its dependencies (on OSX with otool -L) it still has QtSvg and QtXmlPatterns in its list.

    What do I need to do to remove these dependencies completely (QtDeclarative is the only module which needs XmlPatterns and Svg). Maybe install the self-compiled QtDeclarative?

  • Yes. Recompile Qt without them, or at least modify the .pro in the declarative/ dir so that it doesn't link against svg / xmlpatterns any more.

  • I recompiled Qt and had to "install" the new library.
    Recompiling my application afterwards worked (no more xmlPatterns and svg).

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