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Regarding loader

  • Hi all

    I am trying to integrate one example project into a different main project. i have used loader in the example project in an application window. Now the same i have integrated with the main project(in main project's application window).
    The problem i am facing is, when i run the main project the components used inside the loader will be pre-loaded initially. this screen will be there in the background. on this screen all other screens will be loaded.
    what i am trying to do or what i want to do is whenever i click on a particular component i want to load the component which is pre-loaded.

    Is there any way to do this? Please guide me if anyone knows the best solution. Thanks

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    Did you check the Loader documentation ? It has nice example to solve your problem

  • @dheerendra Yes...i used visible property first..but didn't get..
    Then i tried with active property it worked. thanks

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