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Problem using QWebEngine on virtual machine

  • Hello,

    I've installed MSVC2015 64bit on a new 64bit Win10 Virtual Machine, along with Qt 5.8

    I compiled and ran the built in WebEngine Demo Browser example.

    Any URL I load in this project simply doesn't render properly. Even a simple page like www.google.com, it seems the CSS and javascript mouse interactions are all corrupted and nothing is displayed properly.

    I then used WinDeployQt to package the demo. I ran it on my Win10 VM (outside of Qt Creator environment) and still, no web-pages would render or perform properly.

    If I then take that same deployed build to a non-virtual Win10 machine, it seems to work properly.

    Is there some issue with running QtWebEngine inside a Win10 virtual machine? If so, is there a workaround? I do all my development on virtual machines, and this issue is making it impossible to do so.

    Thanks for any insights

  • @pmh4514

    I received an answer from Qt support, it solved the problem. Their answer below:

    On a virtual machine the OpenGL support might not be enough for rendering Qt WebEngine, so the quickest way to check if this is the case here is to do:

    set QT_OPENGL=angle

    on the command line or add:


    before the creation of the application object