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  • Hi. I need the widget position to be set to (0, 0) before the call to the showNormal().
    Now I do so

    move (321,0);
    showNormal ();

    But move() occurs after the state of the widget is restored.

    pos: 0, 0 // widget is maximized
    pos: 321, 123 // call the showNormal()
    pos: 321, 0 // move (321, 0)  call after widget is normal

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    If the window is maximized, im not sure move can be applied.
    So it might cache it just like resize when its not shown yet.

  • @mrjj I need to hide the flicker effect from going to 0 vertically, when the window is restored to its original state.

    move(xPos, 0)

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