How can I left empty a translation in Qt Linguist?

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    Hi! I am creating a custom keyboard in QML and I was wondering how can I left empty the translation of a letter.

    For example, in the spanish keyboard I have a button with the following text:
    and I want it to be empty in the english translation. This means that the button text should be "".

    I have tried to use the NULL unicode character (\u0000) but I don't know how to put it in the Qt Linguist.

    How can I do it?


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    Does it not work when you simply leave the field empty and click to accept the translation? If not, you could perhaps mark that translation as done directly in .ts file (it's a simple XML syntax).

  • If I leave the field empty and click to accept, the translation remains as untranslated and it prints the default text.
    In my previous example, if I leave its field empty I get "ñ".

    Regarding the option of changing manually the .ts file, I would prefer not doing so if there's an easier and faster way. If not, I'll do it.

    Thanks sierdzio!

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