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Using 'raw' OpenGLES2.0-3.0 API in Qt

  • Hi.I have the following situation.I have renderer written with OpenGLES2.0-3.0 APIs.I need to embed it into Qt based desktop widget app.I have read about Qt wrappers etc,which is one way to run GLES stuff in Qt.But in my case I cannot afford rewriting the whole engine rendering code to use Qt's GL wrappers not only because of scope but also because of portability issues.So I tried to include GL/GLES3.0 headers which are exposed in Qt SDK.Doing this I am getting all sort of header collision errors like:

    D:\Qt\5.8\msvc2015\include\QtANGLE\GLES3\gl3.h:73: error: C2371: 'GLsizeiptr': redefinition; different basic types

    So how can I use just raw OpenGL ES API? For Desktop OpenGL I know I should build the SDK with desktop gl flag and then use some GL loader lib like GLEW to init all the GL func pointers.Does it mean I must do something similar for GLES? For example ,building the SDK without ANGLE,then link with ANGLE lib explicitly etc?

    Thanks in advance.

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