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Question about Qt Location

  • Hi all,

    I need to display map in new application window,
    -- be able to provide address
    -- zoom to location
    -- manually set a few markers
    -- plot the route
    -- mark current location (from gps) in relation to route
    -- take gps coordinates from markers.

    I have read somewhere that I can't interact with map from C++ so this must be in QML.
    My application is in C++, but in some other app I have connected signals from QML to C++ like this:

        view = new QQuickWidget(ui->scanPage);
        QQuickItem *root=view->rootObject();
        filter = root->findChild<QObject*>("zxingFilter");
        QObject::connect(filter, SIGNAL(tagFound(QString)),this, SLOT(tagFound(QString)));

    Can this approach work with Qt Location?
    Meaning the app is in C++ and I'm using one page of QStackedWidget to display and manipulate the map

    I know that these are vague questions ;)

    Best Regards

  • @Marek said in Question about Qt Location:

    Can this approach work with Qt Location?

    Yes, no problem.

  • And how about map itself is it better to use Open Street Map, or get api key from Google and use google map ?
    Can I do everything just in Qt, or use some SDK like according to this video:
    QtDD14 -Developing Great Location-based Apps with QML

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