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Accessing either one of two components

  • Hi,

    What's the preferred way of accessing either one of of two rectangle items?

    I "instantiate" a rectangle component (which contains other rectangles and an image) twice -> idRect1, idRect2.
    Depending on some conditions, that are evaluated in JS i would like to access either one of the rectangles. Then, i need to:

    1. read and set properties
    2. update bindings

    So far i am using code like shown below. This seems to work, but is very prone to weird conditions. My code seems to "overwrite" properties of the not selected component.

    idRectX = idRect1
    idRectX.property1 = 111
    idRectX.anchors.horizontalCenter  = Qt.binding(function() {return idRoot.horizontalCenter})

    Thanks for your help,

  • @ben80 What happens if you, just for the sake of testing, do something like

    if (...) {
        idRect1.property1 = 111
    } else {
         idRect2.property1 = 111


  • Good idea, i will try that as soon as i find some spare time.

    Though, that cannot be the final solution. I would have to copy too much code.
    So, what's the right way of doing it?