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Error in ItemDelegate

  • Hi every one i am doing the QML tutorial "chat application" and i got and error on this code :

     ListView {
                id: listView
                anchors.fill: parent
                topMargin: 48
                leftMargin: 48
                bottomMargin: 48
                rightMargin: 48
                spacing: 20
                model: ["Albert Einstein", "Ernest Hemingway", "Hans Gude"]
                    text: modelData
                    width: listView.width - listView.leftMargin - listView.rightMargin
                    height: avatar.implicitHeight
                    leftPadding: avatar.implicitWidth + 32
                    Image {
                        id: avatar
                        source: "qrc:/:/../../../Téléchargements/material-design-icons-master/action/1x_web/ic_account_circle_white_48dp.png"

    The error is

    qrc:/main.qml:40: ReferenceError: modelData is not defined

    I don't know how to correct it. Thanks in advance

  • @adonisQt97 I opened the Qt Quick Control 2 - Chat Tutorial, built subproject chapter2-lists and it runs well. We need more info about your setup. Creator version, Qt version, OS etc. And how you compile and run it.

  • The item delegate should be assigned to ListView::delegate:

    ListView {
        delegate: ItemDelegate {

  • @Eeli-K | I am redoing it by following the tutorial !!

  • @jpnurmi thank you it work well

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