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Still can't figure out how to make my project standalone.

  • Hi! I finished my small program. I don't have a paid license, just the free version, but I want to just send this small program to a friend (free, no charges or anything, and the program won't even be public) so how would I do that, or can I even do that?

    If I have to buy a license to make my program able to be sent to a friend, let me know! Thanks in advance!

    Basically I just want an exe I can send. :)

  • Hi! If you want a comprehensive answer, ask a lawyer.

    I am not a lawyer. Simple answer: Tell your friend that your software uses 3rd-party-software that is licensed under various free software licenses, including GPL and LGPL. If she asks for the source code of your program, give it to her.

  • @JTrocks55 If you're not really deploying it I wouldn't worry about it much.

    But your program can use Qt in an L-GPL fashion as long as you didn't change Qt at all.

    So you can include the built libs as long as you follow the L-GPL. There is another thread going on discussing this right now actually https://forum.qt.io/topic/76869/can-i-hyperlink-source-code-of-qt-instead-of-distributing-it-with-my-installer/3.

    That should give you the answers you need on how to distribute binaries and still stay within the l-gpl license.

    Another method is don't distribute the binaries. Just tell your friend to install Qt 5.x (whichever version you used) and it should work fine.

    If you are really worried about it though you'll need to talk to a lawyer. I certainly wouldn't do that for a small non-commercial product though. The cost would be silly. :)

  • Oh ok, thanks to both of you! I think I am just going to make videos on it and show that without actually sending it. Thanks though!