Problem with static deployment

  • Hey, I have a problem with the static deployment of my application.
    The project is this one:
    When I try to run qmake -config release, it just says Project ERROR: Plugin material is missing a classname entry, please add one to the qmldir file.. It compiles fine, when I don't try to build a static version, so I don't know what is going wrong.
    The source of the problem is for sure the qml-material plugin that I use: I import the qml-material plugin the way that it is described here in this section, is there anything else that I have to do for a static compilation?
    Thanks in advance
    Steps to reproduce my problem:

    1. Clone my repo including submodules (Installation instructions)
    2. Run the following command sequence
    cd quickcurver
    mkdir build
    export PATH
    qmake --config release ..

  • I solved this finally by linking to the plugin as well on compilation.

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