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With every Build MSVS is mocing all header file

  • We are migrating from MSVS 2008 to 2010. Now the big problem we are facing is when ever we build our project it re moc all the header file which is kind of very very time taking and frustrating. I have no clue yet why the hell is this happening.

    we generat .pro file from command prompt using qmake -project and after adding further dependencies to it we generate Visual Studio 2010 style vcxproj file. When we load this vcxproj file and build via visual studio build menu, it does the mocing of header file. When build first time mocing all header makes sens, but even you do couple line of change in a one file and build it again, it re moc all the header file. our project is very big and it has hundreds of header file that takes hell of the time.

    Can any one please help with this problem how to fix this, we are using Qt 4.7.2

  • It could well be that you are facing the same problem as described in this "post/solution":

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