Qt5.3.1 : QtWebkit issue

  • ****Hello

    We have to use Qt5.3.1 Version , we are facing intermittent crashing windows desktop application. crash dump analysis tell crash in Qt5webkit.dll.

    can you please help to us.


    Parth Shah****

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    You have to provide stack traces and any other info about the crash.
    Else its impossible for anyone to help you :)

  • Hello

    Thank You so much for interesting my problem, I attach below of Call stack.

    000000c1ea440260()	Unknown
    000000c200001924()	Unknown
    000000000000000a()	Unknown
    00000061ecc4f8e0()	Unknown
    00000061e8049980()	Unknown
    ffff000000000002()	Unknown
    00000061e8010000()	Unknown
    00000061f75641b0()	Unknown
    00000061eaada9a0()	Unknown
    00000061ecbfb830()	Unknown
    00000061fbac3a71()	Unknown

    Qt5WebKit.dll!000007fa0a3054bf() Unknown
    Qt5WebKit.dll!000007fa0a303b71() Unknown
    Qt5WebKit.dll!000007fa0a3423dc() Unknown
    Qt5WebKit.dll!000007fa09776016() Unknown
    Qt5WebKit.dll!000007fa0987d4cf() Unknown
    Qt5WebKit.dll!000007fa0987d67f() Unknown
    Qt5WebKit.dll!000007fa0983cbdd() Unknown
    Qt5WebKit.dll!000007fa09875d8d() Unknown
    Qt5WebKit.dll!000007fa098747d7() Unknown
    Qt5WebKit.dll!000007fa09875962() Unknown
    Qt5WebKit.dll!000007fa09875626() Unknown
    Qt5WebKit.dll!000007fa0983be79() Unknown
    Qt5WebKit.dll!000007fa09bd8b15() Unknown
    Qt5WebKit.dll!000007fa09bdd3bc() Unknown
    Qt5WebKit.dll!000007fa096197fc() Unknown
    Qt5WebKitWidgets.dll!000007fa2bc494c4() Unknown
    Qt5WebKitWidgets.dll!000007fa2bc507eb() Unknown
    Qt5Widgets.dll!000000006592af8f() Unknown
    Qt5Widgets.dll!0000000065905006() Unknown
    Qt5Widgets.dll!0000000065903058() Unknown
    Qt5Core.dll!0000000066129aea() Unknown
    Qt5Widgets.dll!00000000659060d2() Unknown
    Qt5Widgets.dll!0000000065951e24() Unknown
    Qt5Widgets.dll!00000000659504ee() Unknown
    Qt5Widgets.dll!0000000065905006() Unknown
    Qt5Widgets.dll!0000000065904623() Unknown
    Qt5Core.dll!0000000066129aea() Unknown
    Qt5Gui.dll!000007fa1d203c52() Unknown
    Qt5Gui.dll!000007fa1d205f67() Unknown
    Qt5Gui.dll!000007fa1d1f379e() Unknown
    Qt5Core.dll!000000006616e6c5() Unknown
    user32.dll!000007fa3f0d13be() Unknown
    user32.dll!000007fa3f0d11d7() Unknown
    Qt5Core.dll!000000006616ddfc() Unknown
    qwindows.dll!000007fa1964f491() Unknown
    Qt5Core.dll!0000000066126c61() Unknown
    Qt5Core.dll!0000000066128d39() Unknown
    if you want any more details, Please Free to text us.


    Parth Shah.

  • This reminds me of https://xkcd.com/138/ :)

    No, this is totally useless without at least function names. Use debug build to get the most informative backtrace

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