Relative path to absolute path

  • Hi everyone,
    I need to turn a relative path to an absolute path.
    I know how to do the opposite:

    QDir TestDir("/Home/User/TestDir");
    QString strRelative = TestDir.relativeFilePath("/Home/User/AnotherDir");

    So strRelative is "../AnotherDir".
    Is there a way to convert the relative file (../AnotherDir) to get to the absolute (/Home/User/AnotherDir)?


  • QFileInfo("../AnotherDir").canonicalPath()

  • It doesn't work. That gives me only " . "
    I found my solution:

    QDir TestDir("/Home/User/TestDir");
    QString AbsolutePath = TestDir.cleanPath(TestDir.absoluteFilePath("../AnotherDir"));

    I don't know if it's the right way, but it works.
    Thanks anyway for the Answer VRonin.

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