Looking for a Qt 3D expert for an open source project (paid task)

  • Hi devs !
    I am running a quite healthy and popular Qt based open source project for controlling stage lights: http://www.qlcplus.org/ (GitHub sources)
    In the transition from a Qt Widgets to a QML based UI, one of the biggest and most wanted feature that users request is a real time 3D lighting simulator. To give you an idea, this should be the optimal result: YouTube
    I am a quite experienced Qt developer, but unfortunatey almost all the 3D related topics (especially the math) is beyond my reach, so in this case I will just give support and help with the integration into the project.

    We are warmthly looking for a skilled developer comfortable with Qt and 3D programming.
    The task requirements are:

    • real time simulation of many spotlights (e.g. 30-50) with light volume. Forward or deferred pipeline is up to you
    • light cookie projection
    • possibility to control at runtime: light position, color, intensity, spot angle, cookie texture
    • based on Qt3D, so cross platform is a must have. It has to work at least on Linux, Windows and macOS
    • should possibly work on a 5 years old graphics card. I know, there's a lot of shades here and we'll set the OGL requirements based on the rendering technique adopted

    Nice to have but optional at the beginning:

    • shadows / shadow volumes (if to obtain the above a depth buffer is necessary, then this might come "free of charge")
    • Android / iOS support

    Being an open source project, there is a certain amount of money to start with (might be $500), but there is also the possibility to start a crowd funding campaign among the project users to encourage you to join the project !
    For now I'm just looking for THE MAN :)

    All the sources produced by this task will be published on GitHub and released with the Apache 2.0 license. Obviously your name will be included among the project core developers.

    If you are interested, please contact me so that we can discuss the details and your needs to jump in.
    Thanks in advance,

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    Did you also consider contacting the KDE folks ? They are a pretty knowledgeable group of developer that might also be interested with your project.

  • @SGaist said in Looking for a Qt 3D expert for an open source project (paid task):


    Did you also consider contacting the KDE folks ? They are a pretty knowledgeable group of developer that might also be interested with your project.

    Hi, thanks for the suggestion !
    But believe me, before this I tried to contact something like 30 people individually, and everyone seems to be too busy to dedicate some time to an open source project.
    So I decided to opt for a broader advertisement like the one I just did here. Are you aware of a proper mailing list that I can ping to reach the KDE community without bugging specific people ?

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    No worries, I do believe you.

    Well... That's a pretty good question, maybe start with the #kde irc channel. There is such a great number of mailing list that I'm a bit lost on which one would be the more appropriate.

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