Qt 5.8 webpage integration

  • Hello,
    I want to develop an app which use html/js as view and c++ backend. I want app to run on Android, Windows, Apple (even mobile). I have tried to use QWebengine but this works only with MSCV 2015 (i have it) but is not available for Android, Linux and Apple.
    My os is Windows 10 x64 and also compiling QWebengine is an aventure.
    Also after some net research and test i notice that: qwebview is not available .

    There is a solution which i can use to view web content in qt 5.8 and works on all platforms?

    There is a second option to develop app on VS 2017 using Xamarin but my first choice is Qt.

    Thanks in advanced

  • Not all your statements are accurate but I won't stay here and discuss useless things. The solution is WebView

  • Hello,

    Thanks for quick response.
    I tried to build webview on windows and it requires: Android|WinRt|Webengine. So how can i build package when i can't build webengine?


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