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File name extension options in Netbeans

  • Hello,
    This is a very minor thing I realize, but it's really irritating me! So I'm working with NetBeans IDE 8.2 and Qt 5.8. Functionally everything is fine but when I create a new form in Qt Designer the resulting C++ class file has the name e.g. : . Oddly in the dialog where I choose the class name from NetBeans says the filename is going to be newForm.cpp but when it creates it the .cc gets added as well. Is there anywhere I can set the extension? I'm assuming NetBeans and designer are somhow both adding an extension - I don't have the problem in QtCreator. Having is just ugly!


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    I wonder if the NetBean forum would have a better chance of answering ?
    I have never seen Designer or Creator adding cc so I assume its netbeans that does it.

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