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[Solved] How to uninstall Qt SDK from Mac OS

  • Hi, I accidentally installed QtSDK with online binary install in a wrong location on my Mac. What is the best way to move it to the folder that I want? Should I uninstall and reinstall it? I did not find in /Developer/Tools. Does SDKMaintenanceTool uninstall it cleanly?



  • At least in windows, SDK Maintenance Tools is what I have used to uninstall it.

    And there is nothing called as wrong place to install QtSDK :). It should work from any location If I am not correct.

  • you are right. At the installed location Qt should work. But I wanted to install in a different folder for easy management of the files/tools.

    Not sure if move the current/QtSDK to new/QtSDK works or not. At least I need to reset some environment variables. So I prefer to uninstall and reinstall.


  • You asked if the SqlMaintenanceTool uninstall does it cleanly.

    Could you check it and post your findings here please. Others could be interested to know.

  • Eddy, Sure. I will do that this evening.
    I wanted to install the QtSDK in /Developer/SDKs. However, I mistakenly installed it in /Applications/. Now I need to fix it and just not sure if the SDKMaintenanceTool can do a clean remove. Since the tool resides in the QtSDK directory, I am afraid that the tool will NOT clean up the QtSDK directory. BTW, do you know why the script "" is missing under /Developer/Tools ?


  • I successfully reinstalled QtSDK with the following steps:

    $ sudo QtSDK/

    the tool's dialog window will show up. in the dialog window select "Remove all components", continue and uninstall the SDK.

    by comparing the filesystem before and after the uninstall, this uninstallation only removed the QtDK directory.

    when reinstall, make sure to check the box "remove the old Qt Creator's setting" in the installation interface.

    Hope this helps.

  • Thanks for sharing!

    Sounds like a good howto in the wiki pages.

    Is it ok if we make a new wiki page from your contribution or do you prefer to do it yourself? (and earn points)

  • You can make a new wiki from what I posted. Please make sure my wording is correct, especially those what we see in the Qt dialog windows.

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