Updating C++ Model Data from QML Listview

  • I have a textfield and checkbox in listview , Now i want to update model data when checkbox state changed. also textfiled should be editable when clicked so i should be able to update data in the C++ model
    CheckBox {
    anchors.right: parent.right
    checked: cFav
    // Model name is contactModel


    Please help me with this.

  • Assuming that contact model is exposed from c++ side. Expose some method as slot in your model, call that method and update your model data structure in backend

  • Thanks Dheerendra. Yes i have exposed the model as a context property. I agree with you that i can call a slot and pass index and value to update model. But my question is is there any way like, onCheckedChanged i can assign value to contactModel. I mean to say contactModel.setproperty(index, role, value). May be i am not correct my whole intention behind this is to make Models setData should be called directly from QML Listview

  • No direct way like this. Either you expose some property through q_property and assign the value. Internally in you model it will call set method. Or else you need go through exposed slot

  • Thanks for the clarification.

  • If you want your listview to be generic, you can call QAbstractItemModel::setData(const QModelIndex &index, const QVariant &value, int role = Qt::EditRole) from QML since it is a Q_INVOKABLE, the hard part is figuring out the role number.
    If your listview is tailor-made for a specific model, I'd recommend you to expose a specific functions in your model that you would call in your view.

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