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Connect Android device with Windows 10

  • I'm trying to install Qt on Windows 10 for Android targets, a Samsung S7 to begin with. The device is in developer mode and USB connected. When I build an application it comes to the Select Android Device dialog, where it says my device is anauthorized and that I should check the confirmation dialog on my device. There is no such dialog. When I click OK with an AVD selected, build completes successfully. There are no error messages. A black emulator window apperars and the application halts (showing an option for Cancel build).

    How can I authorize my device? What is wrong with this AVD?

  • @PA-F Hi! The image upload feature on our forum is broken (the image might be visible to you but not to anyone else). Please use an image hoster (e.g. https://postimage.io) and embed the file here with ![alternate text](url).

  • @Wieland

  • @PA-F Might be a silly question, but did you enable 'Developer Mode' on your Android device and allow debugging via USB?

  • Not a silly question, but yes I did.

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