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Connect Android device with Windows 10

  • I'm trying to install Qt on Windows 10 for Android targets, a Samsung S7 to begin with. The device is in developer mode and USB connected. When I build an application it comes to the Select Android Device dialog, where it says my device is anauthorized and that I should check the confirmation dialog on my device. There is no such dialog. When I click OK with an AVD selected, build completes successfully. There are no error messages. A black emulator window apperars and the application halts (showing an option for Cancel build).

    How can I authorize my device? What is wrong with this AVD?

  • @PA-F Hi! The image upload feature on our forum is broken (the image might be visible to you but not to anyone else). Please use an image hoster (e.g. and embed the file here with ![alternate text](url).

  • @Wieland

  • @PA-F Might be a silly question, but did you enable 'Developer Mode' on your Android device and allow debugging via USB?

  • Not a silly question, but yes I did.

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