When to start learning QT

  • Hey All

    Total Newbie here on -QT- Qt. And i'm hoping a question that has not already been answered.

    I've been working my way through C++ without fear, and nearing towards the end of the book. Which teaches the basic fundamentals of C++. I've totally enjoyed it and I'm interested in getting into GUI developement.

    When would be an appropriate time to jump into -QT- Qt developement?

    Thanks for the answer.

    Edit: a good start would be to recognize that it is called Qt, not QT; André

  • Welcome to Qt world!!

    Couple of places

    1. http://qt.nokia.com/ ( search for "How can you get started?")
    2. http://developer.qt.nokia.com/wiki
    3. Lot of videos @ http://developer.qt.nokia.com/blog/view/its_dugnad_time_the_qt_elearning_videos_have_arrived

  • How to learn previous comment already answered :)
    About "when". I think it will be better for you at first learn more about C++ to quicker understand how Qt works.

  • Hi, welcome to this forum.

    It is completely dependend wen you are ready to start. If you think you are fit enough in C++, it is probably the best time to start with Qt.

    There are a couple of good intriduction and easy to understand examples "around.":http://developer.qt.nokia.com/wiki

    BTW: It is Qt not QT. The latter means Quick Time in this forum.

  • Forgot, one more thing..

    its not QT ( QuickTime), its Qt.

    And let us know how is your learning going on, any interesting things you have learned.

    Post any questions/doubts you have does not matter how silly they may look. We can help each other.

  • It's probably a good idea to have a basic understanding of C++ before you start trying out Qt.
    On the other hand, Qt includes a lot of things that makes the use of C++ together with Qt much easier than writing pure C++ code (without Qt), so using Qt there's actually a lot of thing about C++ you never really have to learn and/or worry about.
    So learn some C++ first, but not too much. :)

  • You can study Qt Quick NOW without C++ knowledge if you would like to be a pure designer rather than a C++ developer :)

  • Awesome responses. Looks like a friendly community. Qt duly noted.

    reports on progress to follow.


  • I came to Qt From java for my final year uni project with relativity little C++ experience and found it fine. So to me its less about C++ experience as the people above me have said and more about experience with Object oriented languages such as C++, Java or others. The wierd aspects of C++ can be picked up as you go along. So if you think your ready start with something simple and if you get really stuck people will help or go back and read some more.

  • I pushed a neat project for class as my first real Qt project with 2 weeks of reading the book after work. I sat down for 2 days and within 20+ hours cranked it out. The project was easy enough and a lot of the time was spent making the UI better as I learned to manipulate different widgets.

    I think SimonL hit the nail on the head: With enough OOP experience Qt comes rather quickly. Bookmark the Qt online doc for sure "Qt Documenation":http://doc.qt.nokia.com/ or use the built in documentation tool Assistant located in the QtSDK/QtCreator/bin directory.

  • SimonL, bobby. Not only OOP exerience is needed for effective Qt using. At least memory management understanding and knowledge about things like overrided operators are also needed.

  • Hi and welcome. Here is a very simple introductory "tutorial":http://developer.qt.nokia.com/wiki/Basic_Qt_Programming_Tutorial that walks you through a first Qt application project using Qt Creator (the best IDE ever)!

    As long as you have the basics of C++ under your belt, learning Qt should not be difficult. Some areas are more tricky than others or require some domain-specific knowledge (ie QtSql assumes some knowledge about SQL). If you encounter any specific problems then please ask on these forums and the community will do its best to help you resolve them.

    Good luck with your adventure!

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