Want to move a entire column in QtableWidget from Ist to Second position..

  • Hi All,
    I want to know ...how to move one of the column in TableWidget from Position 1 to position 2 using mouse and vice versa..

    I tried with the following function , but it was not working ..


  • This should do the trick:


    It enables moving of both columns and rows. Leave out the last line if you only need it for columns.

  • Wow...Its wounderful.. Thanks a lot for your help..

  • Hi!

    I have a similar situation and I'm using the same method that you mentioned:

    In fact, I can move the header's cell of every column of the table using the mouse, the problem is that the cells below are not moving along with that column. So I only can move the header's cells, not the whole columns (which is my requirement).

    Any hint? Thanks.

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