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Does QWebEnginePage supports QNetworkProxyFactory in Qt v.5.5.1?

  • I'm using Qt v.5.5.1 and I'm facing some issues to make a proxy set in my application (using QNetworkProxyFactory::setApplicationProxyFactory static method) receives the requests from my QWebEnginePage inherited class when it calls the QWebEnginePage::load instance method. Based in this documentation, I thought it was supported. Going deeper, I update my Qt to v.5.8 and run the code again and it works just fine in my development machine (that runs Windows 8) but I loss support to Windows XP that it is my real target platform and Qt v.5.8 does not support.

    Does QWebEnginePage really supports QNetworkProxyFactory in Qt v.5.5.1? If not, is there a workaround for to make it work?

    Please folks, help me!

    P.S.1.: I tested to created a QNetworkAccessManager and the requests from this object hits the application's proxy.
    P.S.2.: I also tried to create a QNetworkProxyFactory and set it using the QNetworkProxyFactory::setApplicationProxyFactory static method but still only the QNetworkAccessManager hits the application's proxy.
    P.S.3.: I also tried to use QNetworkProxy::setApplicationProxy setting but it does not take any effect.

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