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Playback of video/stream (HLS): MediaEvent: PIPELINE_ERROR with audio only

  • Hello,

    I have an issue with video-stream playback in Qt`s WebEngine.

    The stream I am trying to use is placed onto a webpage. It plays fine in a WebEngine while it does not contain any audio.
    If I enable audio for the stream, the video area stays blank and the video is never played (looks like a crash).

    In other normal browsers (Firefox, Chrome, etc.) on the same system the same webpage where the stream is placed in plays fine in all cases so I can only reproduce this in WebEngine.

    I have tried it with Qts Quickbrowser example too, same problems there.

    What I got from debugs output is this:

    [0207/] MediaEvent: PIPELINE_ERROR pipeline:decode error

    The stream comes from a local Nginx Rtmp testing Server (URL - only available locally at the moment, sorry):

    For playback of the HLS stream within my webpage I am using the following library:

    If I open the stream in VLC it also works fine.

    I have also tried different Qt versions, still no luck.

    How can I furhter debug what causes that problem (I guess this may be a "real" decoding problem?) ?

    If you need furhter details please ask me !

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