QT 5.8 - how to get DIR list from FTP Server

  • Hello,
    I am using QT 5.8, and I can download single file from ftp server using with help of following classes
    QNetworkAccessManager, QNetworkRequest and QUrl.

    All this works OK, if I know which file i want to download.
    I am interested in getting dir list (e.g. *.txt) from ftp server.
    How to do that? Any help is really appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

  • QNetworkAccessManager cannot perform that task. You can either recompile the old QFtp Module or use an external library like libcurl

  • @dm1234

    Hi, friend, welcome devnet.

    if the Qt version less than 5.0 maybe the QFtp. will help you.

    But, QFtp has been removed from Qt. more than 5.0.

    I think, the Github Qt Ftp, Can help. Use It maybe easy.

        int setProxy(const QString &host, quint16 port);
        int connectToHost(const QString &host, quint16 port=21);
        int login(const QString &user = QString(), const QString &password = QString());
        int close();
        int setTransferMode(TransferMode mode);
        int list(const QString &dir = QString());
        int cd(const QString &dir);
        int get(const QString &file, QIODevice *dev=0, TransferType type = Binary);
        int put(const QByteArray &data, const QString &file, TransferType type = Binary);
        int put(QIODevice *dev, const QString &file, TransferType type = Binary);
        int remove(const QString &file);
        int mkdir(const QString &dir);
        int rmdir(const QString &dir);
        int rename(const QString &oldname, const QString &newname);

  • @joeQ

    Hello Joe,
    Thanks for your help, I already checked QFtp from git, but I wanted to use existing API in released version of QT5.8.
    I think it should be doable but don't know how to do that.

    Thanks for your help.

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