[Solved] Detecting VKB close on Symbian in QML

  • I'm currently using the TextField Qt Component on Symbian to do some text entry for a search field in a QML app I'm writing. I'd like to have the search automatically start when the user presses the green CheckMark key on the virtual keyboard. The Keys item, though, doesn't seem to be registering keypress events when the VKB is open, so I'm at a loss on how to catch the event.

    Anyone know how to detect when the user has finished with the virtual keyboard? Or how to (at very least) trap the close event?

  • I don't think you can do it in QML. May be in your Qt C++ try this ( not sure if this works )

    Install event filter on your QApplication object and scan for "QEvent::CloseSoftwareInputPanel" event. This signifies that software keypad close is requested.

  • Ok, great. That seems to be a reasonable solution. Thanks!

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