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QOpenGL on Mac - QCocoaGLContext: Falling back to unshared context

  • I'm working on a opengl-based application in qt. It renders scenes fine on linux and windows, but on mac I end up with a black window. I used QOpenGLDebugLogger to give me some clarity on the issue and it outputs this error:

    QCocoaGLContext: Falling back to unshared context

    What does it mean and is this the cause of my scene not being rendered on mac specifically? If so how can i fix the issue?

    The source for the project is here:

    Thanks in advance.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    200% mac noob but it seems to come from


    // retry without sharing on context creation failure.
    if (!m_context && m_shareContext) {
    m_shareContext = nil;
    m_context = [[NSOpenGLContext alloc] initWithFormat:pixelFormat shareContext:nil];
    if (m_context)
    qWarning("QCocoaGLContext: Falling back to unshared context.");

    and its just a warning.

    Did you check that openGL do work on the mac?


  • You were right, it's just a warning @mrjj .

    I fixed the issue by setting the default surface format in the main function before the gui is created.

    QSurfaceFormat format;

    Maybe this is needed so the UI and the QOpenGLWidget has the same version opengl contexts so they play nice. I'm not entirely sure what goes on the background.

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