QTcpServer::listen() network time out

  • I have the simplest of servers (just for test), but on one Windows 7 machine this fails

    server->listen( QHostAddress::All,5000);

    with an error of "Network Operation Timed Out". Using Qt 5.8 with MSVC2015 and the machine is dual-NIC. It is also running McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention if that is relevant, and the settings are beyond my control. The program works fine on another Windows 7 computer (a laptop). Also it works fine with ::LocalHost, but then I have no access from other computers.

    Has anyone experienced this before... any ideas?

  • @gmm398

    Hi and welcome to devnet

    Does the error message come immediately?

    Probably it is a firewall issue as you already suspect. You would need to with the AV if there is a setting respectively a notice. Check if you allow listening to the port.

    When the error message pops up immediately, you could disable the AV's firewall for a while and check if it the error pops up after enabling the firewall.

  • It takes around 5 seconds (as opposed to a second or less when it works with LocalHost).

    I tried a pure winsock program (straight C++) and that works fine "" and "::" , so it does not appear to be a firewall problem. The laptop that the Qt sample worked on has the same firewall.

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