Difference between two QDateTime in milliseconds.

  • my ITime.cpp file

    #include "ITime.h"
    void ITime::start()
       oStartTime = QDateTime::currentDateTime();
    quint64 ITime::elapsed()
    	QDateTime otime = oStartTime;
    	QString str = otime.toString();
    	oEndTime = QDateTime::currentDateTime();
    quint64 elapsed = 0;
    elapsed = (oEndTime.secsTo(otime));
    QString str1 = QString::number(elapsed);
    elapsed = (elapsed * 1000);
    return elapsed;

    my main.cpp file contains

    #include "ITime.h"
    int main()
    ITime time;
     qDebug() << "current date" << time.oStartTime ;
    qDebug() << "old date" << time.oEndTime ;
    qDebug() << "differnce time" << time.elapsed() ;

    my ITime.h file contains

    #ifndef ITime_H
    #define ITime_H
    #include <QDateTime>
    #include <QDebug> 
    #include <iostream>
    class ITime 
    	void start();
    	quint64 elapsed();
    	int nTimeDiff;
    	QDateTime oStartTime;
    	QDateTime oEndTime;
    #endif // ITime_H

    here am trying to get the difference between two DateTime intervals but the difference between two time in not getting correct output

    problem is getting here

    quint64 elapsed = 0;
    elapsed = (oEndTime.secsTo(otime));
    QString str1 = QString::number(elapsed);
    elapsed = (elapsed * 1000);

    am struck here please help me to get out of this

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    You're kinda re-inventing the wheel. There's QElapsedTimer for this case.

  • I need the same in minuts.

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    @Sagar-Ojha Well... I hope you know how to "convert" milliseconds to minutes ;)

  • @Chris-Kawa obviously

  • i want the difference between two DateTime in milliseconds

    for that

    QDateTime oStartTime = QDateTime::currentDateTime(); 
    \\\ 30 milliseconds difference.	
    QDateTime oEndtTime = QDateTime::currentDateTime();

    now am trying like this to get difference in milliseconds

    quint64 difference= (oStartTime.secsTo(oEndtTime )*1000);

    the result is "0" because here we are converting into second's so am not getting exact output to get difference in milliseconds

    am using another method

    quint64 difference= (oStartTime.time().msecsTo(oEndtTime .time()));

    here am getting exact time difference in milliseconds but if we change the date for oEndtTime the the difference of days are not coming , because time() is limited to 24 hours only , if i want to get DateTime difference in more than 1 day then time() is not useful , please help me to get out of this

    am struck here to convert DateTime difference in milliseconds .

    quint64 difference = qAbs(oStartTime.date().daysTo(oEndtTime .date()));
    difference  *= static_cast<quint64>(24); // days to hours
    difference  *= static_cast<quint64>(60); // hours to minutes
    difference  *= static_cast<quint64>(60); // minutes to seconds
    difference  *= static_cast<quint64>(1000); // seconds to milliseconds
    difference += qAbs(oStartTime.time().msecsTo(oEndtTime .time()));

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